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Image by Kate Darmody

International Brunch

🎉 International Brunch  🎉

🗓 WHEN? Saturday, September 23 at 10:00


Embark on a culinary journey around the world, without leaving St. Gallen! Presenting the "Global Bites" International Brunch, where the essence of global flavors converges on a single table. We invite everyone to bring a dish, a delicacy, or a beloved recipe that embodies the heart and soul of your home country.

As you lay down your traditional treats, you'll not only share a piece of your heritage but also discover the diverse and delicious tapestry that our international community weaves. From the savory aromas of European pastries to the spicy allure of Asian delicacies and the rich textures of African and American dishes – every bite tells a story, every plate is a new destination.

So, prep your palettes and ready your recipes! Come celebrate the vast and vibrant world of flavors with us. Together, let's brunch the world! 

✍🏼 SIGN-UP DEADLINE: Thursday, September 20 at 20:00

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: You must be an enrolled student of the CEMS MiM St. Gallen to use this ticket. Tickets purchased by accident by non-authorized parties are not valid and will not be refunded.

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