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Image by Patrick Tomasso

Pub Crawl

Explore the vibrant nightlife of St. Gallen with a twist! Brought to you by the Buddy System, join fellow CEMSies in a spirited pub crawl through the city's iconic watering holes. Dive deep into the local bar culture, share stories, make memories, and raise your glasses to new friendships and old. With the unique blend of diverse backgrounds and local buddies, you're sure to experience the best of St. Gallen's pubs in true CEMS style. Don't miss out on this unforgettable night of camaraderie, laughter, and perhaps a dance or two! Cheers to St. Gallen, cheers to CEMSies, and cheers to an epic night ahead! 🥳🤩

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: You must be an enrolled student of the CEMS MiM St. Gallen to use this ticket. Tickets purchased by accident by non-authorized parties are not valid and will not be refunded.

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