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Image by Peter Wendt

Sustainable Farm Visit

👩🏼‍🌾 Sustainable Farm Visit 🌽

🗓 WHEN? Saturday, September 30 at 09:45

📍 WHERE? Farm Zellerhof (meeting point: Marktplatz)

We will be visiting Zellerhof and doing a farm tour which is followed by a product tasting 👨‍🌾 ! The owner will show us his animals, explain which products they have, how they're made and which sustainability initiatives they support. 

We will get up to the Zellerhof by tram (to Station "Speicher") - this time, you are responsible for your own ticket, so please make sure to have one 🚋.


After the visit, we can walk down to the city together. 😊

If you want to support the farm by buying some great products from their farm shop (Hoflädli) please make sure to bring  cash with you!

👥 CONTACTS: Leo Friz (+49 15 167 403 530) and Rebecca Botello (+41 77 236 14 35)

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: You must be an enrolled student of the CEMS MiM St. Gallen to use this ticket. Tickets purchased by accident by non-authorized parties are not valid and will not be refunded.

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