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Image by Michael Jin

Recycling Day

♻️ Recycling Day ♻️

Dear CEMSies! This is your chance to see how the plastic recycling process happens first hand. Not only will we be able to convert plastic products into a surprise item ourselves (courtesy of Leo!), but we will also receive a guided tour of the 'Recycling Center Ostschweiz AG'.  
Travel expenses will be covered! and no worries - we will be back in time for the legendary HSG Volleyball Night!

📍 Where: Bahnhofgebäude, 1. Stock, Zimmer 122, St. Gallen
🗓️ When: Tuesday, November 21 from 14:00

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: You must be an enrolled student of the CEMS MiM St. Gallen to use this ticket. Tickets purchased by accident by non-authorized parties are not valid and will not be refunded.

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