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Student Board Representative

The Student Board (SB) acts as the official voice of CEMS students, representing their interests before the academic, corporate and administrative stakeholders of the CEMS Alliance.


The Student Board has been created to enhance the CEMS experience for the students by:

  • Gathering students' opinions about CEMS and the CEMS MIM and bringing recommendations to improve the CEMS MIM and CEMS community life,

  • implementing and managing global projects which have a positive impact on all CEMS students, including projects aimed at fostering and developing social awareness and ethical conscience,

  • providing support and a platform for communication to the CEMS Clubs to help them achieve their goals.


The Student Board consists of one Student Board Representative (SBR) per CEMS university as well as the Student Board Executive Team, comprising the President of the Student Board and his or her two Vice-Presidents.

Depending on the local set-up, the Student Board Representative usually fulfils two roles:

  • representing his or her cohort in front of Academic Directors and Program Managers,

  • forming the student’s voice in the CEMS governing bodies and contributing to the Student Board’s global projects in its respective teams.

The selection process of the Student Board Representative differs across universities. At the University of St. Gallen, the Student Board Representative is elected by the current and prospective cohort at the end of each Spring term. The tenure is one year. All current and prospective CEMS students of the University of St. Gallen are eligible to run for election.

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Korbinian Thiele
Student Board Representative


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