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Meet our Alumni

Find out more about their experience with the CEMS Club St.Gallen below, or visit our alumni at LC Switzerland.


Being on the board of the CEMS Club St.Gallen gives you the opportunity to take on responsibility during your studies in a multicultural environment.


Investment Banking
& Private Equity

I am very thankful to the CEMS Club St.Gallen for the unforgettable moments I had the pleasure to share with some other CEMSies from all over the world. For me it was definitely a very rewarding experience and it gave me the chance to deepen my cultural awareness, increase my emotional intelligence and above all, strengthen some invaluable friendships!

Legal & Compliance

The CEMS Club St.Gallen contributed enormously to my CEMSational experience! Not only did it offer a first point of contact even before my official CEMS year started and a lot of fun social events, it also managed to organize unique events with our corporate partners ranging from company visits to delicious corporate rotation dinners. In no other CEMS Club have I experienced such a strong collaboration with corporate partners. 

Contact our Head of Alumni Leah Maicher.

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